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We aim, as always to pursue ground breaking and path curving methodologies;
Strategies and systems aimed to in campus and merge the broad developing entrepreneurs with the grand operators in various business sectors, including governmental operators in the Sub-Sahara and SADC regions.
We believe real development must start at the broad-base of aspiring entrepreneurs, possessing identified and verified qualities projected to success.

We give personal attention to our clients. We seek to see their matters from their perspective to able us to analyze and formulate the most appropriate advice and solutions for them or their businesses. 

Real Development

We believe real development must start at the broad-base of aspiring entrepreneurs, possessing identified and verified qualities projected to success.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Among our target clientele, we focus on the budding entrepreneurs, Small business, Small to Medium entities, Corporate Companies and Governmental institutions; Internationally and Regionally within the Sub-Sahara


As businesses have enjoyed robust growth and development in these preceding times, the need to develop and implement comprehensive financial systems and control measures has equally been imperative. 


Tax is a statutory requirement and must be complied with no matter what, not only by laws of governments, but also a divine decree.

However, taxes are not at all the ‘dreaded dragon’ we usually fear, with the right guidance from our expert taxation team- we give you numerous tax advantages bordered within the tax laws.
Expert skills grounded in our vast empirical experience, is what we offer and guarantee. 


Payroll has, over time evolved into a specialized and complex undertaking. SARS has on the other hand been very strict to ensure compliance and correct payroll and statutory requirement are adhered to.

Clients can also benefit from our personalized tax structuring and advise to maximize tax advantages and benefits. 

Advisory services

In the course of our business and personal endeavors we must encounter numerous obstacles and challenges.

But talking to the wise, you inevitably find that very solution to get you or the business back on track onto the growth path once again. 

Company Backround..
Our company was founded by the CEO, Mr KP Dillard in 2003 in the backdrop of his vast multi-skilled professional career.

Among others, the founder has functioned in the financial departments with the global giant corporate, Hollard Insurance HIP company Scintilla-ERU; Primeserve Outsourcing; South African Oil giants- Sasol Oil and international IT company- Just enough Software. 

Ditramec Workshop - Programs

We prepare individualized and specific MOTIVATION WORKSHOPS.
This entails conducting a personal research within the organization/business; drawing a draft of identified emotional ailments from the workforce; drawing up a strategic power presentation that is guaranteed to uplift the workforce.

Individual workers blend and bond, both mentally and emotionally in a unity that will create individualized company culture whose primary objective is to exceed production targets and a healthy well being of the workforce/management. 

"A simple scrutiny of were mankind has evolved from, and the developments that certain people have pioneered and achieved are a visible testimony that were there is a will and sufficient faith- the imagined is created; the impossible is attained or achieved.

The catch is in the correct conditioning of the human mind.

We completely know and believe that anything you can dream, or see in your mind; you can create and achieve. 

- KP - Dillard


Tax services

Investments solutions


Company Contact Details..


 (076) 177 0525                         

KP Dillard (CEO)

Business Accountant & Tax Consultant
Ditramec International

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8:00 - 17:00

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